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  • The scoring is determined at our own discretion and should not be used for accuracy purposes. We are able to provide this service for free thanks to the referral fees we receive from a number of service providers. These referral fees may affect the rankings and score assigned to specific vendors. Furthermore, though many vendors appear on The Top7, this DOES NOT imply endorsement of any kind. The information and vendors which appear on this site is subject to change at any time. Also, we may create reviews or comparisons just for vendors who pay an inclusion fee, which means that the comparison may only contain vendors who paid a inclusion fee. Maybe the comparison may not be right to you because of paid inclusion only vendors, this doesnt mean that the comparison is not legit. As long as the vendor does the service as its stated on page, then this counts as a legit comparison.
  • Top7.io is a trademark of the site owner. The names of other companies appearing on the site are owned by their respective trademark owners and are not affiliated with the site owner. Those other companies are not affiliated with the site owner, and they do not endorse the site owner or the information on this site.

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