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Top 7 Most Popular Sales Automation Software. Compare & Get Reviews on the best sales automation tools. Build customer relationships through personalized sales force automation. Compare, Woodpecker,, Outreach, Lemlist, SalesHandy and Klendy.


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TOP7 Score 10 8.4 8.1 7.6 7 6.5 5
Average Pricing $$ $$ $$ $$$ $ $ $$
Friendly interface
The NPS platform is friendly, interactive and is easy to use even for beginners and non-technical users.
Priority Support
Multi-channel support: live chat, email, help desk, phone support.
Share results and close the feedback loop with your colleagues.
Segment your customers based on custom criteria.
Replies Classification
Lead Generation
Find new contacts without leaving the platform and instantly connect with the right leads
Contact Management
Manage prospective customers with ease
Email Automation
The tool takes care of your drip campaigns by automating email outreach workflows with your prospects and customers
Direct Calls
Get in touch with your prospects and customers faster — This tool connects you and your client using the VoIP system
Email Validation
Ensure you are sending emails to the right addresses by using our email validation feature — straight from our platform
Email Finder
The tool crawls the web to find your prospect’s email addresses. Use Chrome extension on websites or on social media profiles to obtain this information.
360° Contact View
Keep track of your contact's activity, running campaigns, and messages
Gmail Integration
Operate with your currently launched campaigns and add new prospects and templates to your pre-scheduled email sequences directly from your Gmail with a light-weight Gmail plugin.
Highly intuitive visual reports and insights presented in an easy to understand manner.
Templates & Variables
Prepare email templates and use them when sending cold emails or setting up your drip campaigns.
Personalized Image
Create personalised images and insert the first name, the company name, the company logo, a screenshot of a website of the person you're reaching out to!
Personalized Video
Created personalized video with subscriber Logo, website screenshot and other variables.
Document & File Tracking
Track how many time a document or file has been opened and viewed
Drip Campaign
SMTP Integration
Custom Domain Tracking
Unsubscribe Link
3rd Party / API
Retrieve and push customer data from 3 party services such as Mailchimp, Intercom, and build custom integrations, workflows, scenarios using API.
CRM Integrations
Add flawless platform implementation to your workflow with the multiple CRM integrations available for you
Salesforce Integration
Zapier Integration
Native integrative that will offer access to 750 + applications and create thousands
Pipedrive Integration
Base CRM Integration
Hubspot Integration Integration
Slack Integration
Zoho CRM Integration
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What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation tools that help reps communicate with sales prospects quickly and effectively, with less administrative overhead. By using a sales automation tool, any business will be able to generate faster leads with less technical knowledge and with less setups.

The best tools for Lead Generation?

The best sales tools used by small & medium and large companies are:, Prospect, Outreach, Woodpecker, Lemlist, Saleshandy, Klenty and other tools which are not yet mentioned on

Choose the right sales automation tool for your needs

Need 100+ leads per month?

If you company is a small company, and you are looking to spend less on technologies and have from 1 employee to 2 employees, then Klenty and SalesHandy will be the best tools for your needs. 

Need 500+ leads per month?

For companies who need more than 500+ leads per month, we recommend for them to use Lemlist or Outreach. As this tools are easy and dont require technical knowledge, both Lemlish and Outreach will be ok for companies that are starting with lead generation. 

Need 1000+ leads per month?

For companies that already have a strong sales team and a business workflow and are using a CRM, then we recommend for them to use or Woodpecker. This tools both have CRM Integrations, team management, and with this features, your team can do lead generation faster with this tool's features. 

Need 2000+ leads per month?

If you are looking to build a strong lead generation team, then you need app, they provide all the features, technical aspects for any company who is looking to automate the full lead generation program. 

TOP7 Sales Automation Reviews


The pricing starts from 200$ and includes 3 user licenses, contact 30,000 people per month, team Edition, all features included. 

CRM Integrations

Salesforce, Pipedrive, Base CRM, Bullhorn CRM, Nutshell CRM, Insightly, Cooper CRM, 

Product Features

Contact Management, Email Automation, Direct Calls, Email Validation, 360 Contact View, Team Edition, CRM Integrations, Gmail Integration & Analytics and Tracking.


For the pricing of 19$ per month, you get unlimited campaign, unlimited email sent (Based on your SMTP limits).

CRM Integrations

Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce

Product Features

Campaign Wizard, Automated Drip & Follow Up Campaigns, Email Personalization, Dynamic Images, Dynamic Videos, Zapier Integration, Any SMTP


The pricing starts from 9$ with up to 200 emails per campaign per day. Unlimited Campaign. 

CRM Integrations


Product Features

Email tracking, Gmail & Outlook Integrations, Mail Merge, Document Tracking, Zapier Integration, 


The pricing starts from 99$ for 1000 emails per month. 

CRM Integrations

Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot,, 

Product Features

Email Finder, Email Verification, Drip Campaigns, Templates & Variables, Mailbox Automation, Tracking, Campaign Stats, Reporting.


The pricing starts from 120$ per user per month, annual contract. 

CRM Integrations


Product Features

Sales Sequences, Sales Dialer, Sales Email & Tracking, Sales Rep Workflow, Outreach Everywhere, Sales Intelligence, Email & Content Templates, Analytics & Reporting, Coaching Analytics.


For 40$ per month, contact unlimited contacts, thru any SMTP, unlimited campaigns & drips.

CRM Integrations

Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Base CRM,, SalesMate, Salesforce(Coming soon)

Product Features

Follow-up automation, Human-like sending, Security, Teamwork, Stats, Agency Features, Replies Detection, Gmail Integration and Outlook Integration.


Pricing starts from 30$ per month for unlimited campaigns.

CRM Integrations

Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales, Hubspot

Product Features

Email Campaigns, Manage Prospects, Email Finder, Gmail Extension, Custom Fields, Smart Database, CRM Sync, Email tracking, Advanced CRM Integration

Our verdict and recommendations

We made a thorough analysis of different Sales Automation products. The results show that has the best price for the set of features that they offer.

Contact Management

Manage prospective customers with ease — Reply has all the right tools for creating and managing targeted contact lists using a wide variety of fields. 

Direct Calls

Get in touch with your prospects and customers faster! Reply supports Direct Calls to 100+ countries and connects you and your client using the VoIP system.

Email Validation

With Reply, there’s no need to run to another app to sift through thousands of prospects — you can now ensure you are sending emails to the right addresses straight from our platform.

360 Contact View

No more need to export tracking data to keep consistent records of your campaign progress. Now we will keep the entire history for you to view whenever you’d like. Keep track of every interaction you have with a prospect over multiple campaigns, so you never forget where you stand when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Team Edition

Accelerate inbound, outbound and account-based sales with Reply Team Edition. Collaborate on campaigns and prospects, manage team members, share email and campaign templates, track team performance. Team Edition is available for all subscription types at no additional cost.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM to further enhance and organize your workflow. Bring any (and all) information over from your CRM of choice to keep your Reply contact list up to date.

Gmail Integration

Operate with your currently launched campaigns and add new prospects and templates to your pre-scheduled email sequences directly from your Gmail with a light-weight Gmail plugin. Stay tuned and updated on your leads’ status without even leaving your inbox and be sure that Reply saves the changes.

Analytics & Tracking

Stay ahead of the game by tracking your email progress. Reply tracks your delivery, open, click, and reply rates. You can also see the stats detailing "Out of Office", auto-responder, and bounced emails. Examine these stats to lock down the perfect message and see your campaigns reach peak performance.

Question and Answers

What is the difference between sales automation vs marketing automation?

Sales Automation is used mostly for Outbound Campaigns, Lead Generation, Cold Campaigns. But Marketing Automation is more like an inbound tool used for already leads which were generated from Sales Automation campaign. 

Think as: First, you will need to a Sales Automation tool to generate leads, then you will need a marketing automation which will nurture & qualify your leads at each sales level. 

Do Sales Automation tools cheaper than marketing automation tools?

Both tools Sales & Marketing are expensive, there is no difference in pricing, but in features. 

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